Why did I open my big mouth?

Marty has been sick a lot because his immune system is suppressed from his arthritis medicine. I mean a lot. So much that technically he has lost credit for this school year. Of course there are provisions to deal with this sort of thing, but those provisions don’t necessarily anticipate a kid that gets sick as much as Marty.

Now that things are starting to get hairy with the school and they are making rumblings that there might not be time to make up his absences. I thought telling their dad was probably the right thing to do at this point since I just requested a meeting with the principal.

Big mistake.

Now my ex is mad at me for not making Marty go to school when he is sick. I’ve tried that and it just makes him worse and he ends up missing several days.

He doesn’t get it. How can you force a kid to go to school when just walking around makes him cough? Not to mention the fatigue and the fact that being around all the other kids and their germs could make him worse.

It’s bad enough I have to give him these medications that fix one problem but create a different one, now I have to justify my decisions to my ex? He’s the one that decided not to be a part of the family. This is the last time I keep him informed.

And people don’t understand why women sometimes want to shoot the men they had been in love with at one time.


About juvenilearthritis

A single mom raising a son with juvenile arthritis and a daughter with a big heart.
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