It never ends

I’m so sick of having to deal with problems. I know everybody has them and lots of people have it worse than me but that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with mine. I feel like I’m getting depressed again.

I haven’t been able to work for two days because the kids have been sick. If I don’t work I don’t get paid. It’s that simple. I used to have great benefits but my boss slowly took them away one by one and gave me three pay cuts in the process. I wish I could quit but so many people are looking for work I’m not sure I could find something else. Certainly not something that is as understanding about me having a son with a chronic illness.

I hate the house being such a mess but I just can’t get myself to clean it up. It seems like such a monumental task that I’ve just about given up hope that it will ever happen. Right now I’m just trying to keep up with the dishes and laundry, and I’m not doing too well at that.

I’m going to go to sleep and hope that tomorrow looks better than today. It’s all I can do.


About juvenilearthritis

A single mom raising a son with juvenile arthritis and a daughter with a big heart.
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