All worn out

The kids had a follow up with Dr F this morning and it was a good thing. Marty was completely exhausted when he woke up and slept on the way to the doctor’s office. Apparently going to school, staying for after school tutoring and riding bikes with his sister yesterday was too much for one day.

Sad thing is, that would be nothing for most kids. Not Marty. Between the fatigue caused by the arthritis and his compromised immune system, he wears down very quickly. Sometimes so much so that I have honestly wondered if he was using it as an excuse. Then I feel guilty for doubting his honesty, but he is 13 after all.

The fatigue leads to issues when assigning chores to the kids. I don’t want to make Bella do more just because she is healthy but I don’t want to make Marty do more than he can handle. If I make him do more when he feels good then he loses out of even more fun than what the JA already steals. It’s a constant balancing act.


About juvenilearthritis

A single mom raising a son with juvenile arthritis and a daughter with a big heart.
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