Our life, the reality show

I have joked with several people that our life should be a reality show. Well it happened again this morning when I took Bella to school and had to go in and see the nurse.

Tuesday night she burned her hand touching a hot burner. At first I didn’t think it was bad, but it hurt so much I decided to take her to the emergency room. They said the reason it hurt so much was because it was on her fingertips. They are also concerned about losing range of motion as it heals, so tomorrow we go to the burn clinic.

She has bandages on 3 fingers, and can’t get them wet. Twice a day we have to change the bandages and she has to exercise her fingers. I am so grateful it doesn’t hurt as much as I expected. We spent half the night at the hospital Tuesday, and I had to stay home with Bella yesterday. Another day without pay. Plus half a day off tomorrow. And Marty has doctor appointments Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week. Goody.

In other news, my sister Marie is in town and took me out to breakfast this morning. She has split her time between me and our other sister, Irene. Irene works strange hours, so Marie is basically with whoever isn’t working. I think she goes home tomorrow. It’s been good to spend time with her, but being out of your routine is stressful.

My depression is 1% better than last week. OK, maybe 2%. When we have a crisis it actually gets better until the crisis passes, then it comes back.

Update 5-16: Bella’s burns are healing nicely. The blisters did pop, and she is keeping them covered while the loose skin heals. I don’t expect any permanent scarring.


About juvenilearthritis

A single mom raising a son with juvenile arthritis and a daughter with a big heart.
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  1. Thank you for a great post.

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