This makes sense how, exactly?

Marty’s TB skin test was supposed to be read today or tomorrow. On Tuesday when they did the test, I emailed the school nurse and asked her this, “We are at the rheumatologist today, and they gave him a TB test. I have a form to complete after reading it on Thursday or Friday. Can I send it with Marty?”

Apparently I wasn’t clear enough that I was asking her to read the test. I’m not sure what else she thought I was asking, but I thought it was pretty simple. Um, no. He went to see her today, and she called to tell me she wasn’t allowed to read the test.

Now explain to me why a school nurse can’t read a simple TB skin test? The school district in its infinite wisdom thinks it’s better for a kid to miss school rather than allow the school nurse to do a 30-second reading on a TB test. Yet they make you jump through hoops and threaten to hold your kid back if you miss too many days. Huh?

In his 504 meeting they kept stressing that he needs to be in school if at all possible. So why make him miss school to do something that any self-respecting nurse could do in two minutes?

Sometimes I just don’t get what the school district is thinking when they make the rules.


About juvenilearthritis

A single mom raising a son with juvenile arthritis and a daughter with a big heart.
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