Scary stuff

I just read half (only half) of the patient insert that came with the Enbrel that Marty is scheduled to start on Wednesday. It is scary stuff. There were so many warnings about lymphoma, tuberculosis, viral infections, heart and lung complications, reactions and other nasty stuff that I just pray none of this happens to Marty. It also hasn’t been specifically approved to treat systemic juvenile arthritis, which is the type he has. Plus he has had a few heart and lung issues without adding side effects from a new medicine.

I definitely don’t want Bella getting her chicken pox vaccine this month, as we originally planned. There is too much risk to Marty if she passed some of the live virus to him. I want to wait until we at least get him stabilized on the Enbrel, assuming it works. One more thing to discuss with the rheumatologist on Wednesday.

I hate that I have to give my teenage son medicine that could have life threatening side effects, but we have to get his inflammation under control. Otherwise we risk permanent damage to his joints, not to mention that he is several inches shorter than his younger sister. Plus if I were to read all the same information about Kineret it would probably be just as scary.

Don’t borrow tomorrow’s trouble. Today has enough of its own.


About juvenilearthritis

A single mom raising a son with juvenile arthritis and a daughter with a big heart.
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