Reflections after a tragedy

You may have gathered that Anna Banana isn’t my real name.  I mean really, who would name their kid that?  My real-life alter ego (my own Clark Kent, if you will)  is a baseball fan.  Ms. Kent has her own online identity, including connections with hundreds of friends and family, but doesn’t go into as much detail as I do about the emotional aspect of our lives.  This post is for her.

There was a tragedy last night at the Texas Rangers baseball game, resulting in the death of Shannon Stone.  The player involved, Josh Hamilton, has had his own share of challenges.  Marty looks up to him both for his faith and his ability as a baseball player. This morning twitter was abuzz with comments, ranging from shock, grief and sympathy for the victim and for Hamilton, to the inevitable ill-advised jokes and references to the Casey Anthony verdict that was also handed out this week.

After being up half the night pondering the frailty of life and grieving this man I have never met, I was awakened several times when Marty needed extra pain medicine or other help throughout the night.  Needless to say none of us slept well.  When I got on twitter this morning and started reading some of the rubbish posted by insensitive idiots, my tired, ADHD-impulsive mama-bear couldn’t hold back.  I lashed out at the thoughtless morons that think the situation calls for completely inappropriate levity. Unfortunately I went overboard and later apologized for my language.

Maybe it’s media overload, but I can’t stop thinking about the public reaction to this event. I’d guess 99% of the comments I have seen are supportive of those involved, but there are those jerks that just can’t stop their fingers from typing the garbage that runs through their so-called brains.  It’s that 1% that got me so irritated twice today that I couldn’t focus on anything but putting them in their place.

Instead I should be thinking about Cooper Stone, who will not only have to grow up without a father, but is now traumatized by watching his father’s losing battle for life.  I should be thinking about the kids whose parents can’t afford to take them to a major league game, or whose parents don’t care enough to spend time with them. I should be thinking about the heartbreak of Mrs. Stone, who now has to raise Cooper alone and will always be known as the wife of the fan that died trying to catch a ball.

I have no doubt that the Hamilton family with get through this, with a heavy dose of faith, help from family and friends, and lots of prayers from believers worldwide.  I only hope the Stone family has a similar faith and support system to help them through what will be an even more difficult time.  Not only have they lost a father, husband, son, etc. but they are suddenly thrust into an intense spotlight at the absolute darkest time of their lives.

And to those “people” (and I use quotes because I doubt the existence of their brains and hearts) that think this is funny or that jokes are appropriate, I say again: Grow up.  I will no longer be acknowledging your childish remarks.  Probably should have followed that plan all along.



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A single mom raising a son with juvenile arthritis and a daughter with a big heart.
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