Hello Remicade

Monday was the first Remicade infusion.  Marty woke up nauseous, and we decided it was just nerves.  Petting TP, our dog, helped him calm down.  At the infusion center, the nurse that started his IV and drew blood for labs was “the best I’ve ever had,” according to Marty.  She said she had been doing this type of nursing for 17 years.

He got his Tylenol and Benadryl, then a dose of methylprednisolone, then finally the Remicade.  Marty and Bella got into the 4th inning of their playstation baseball game then the Benadryl hit.  Marty decided he needed to rest his eyes for about 30 seconds, then he was ready to go.  When Bella decided she was tired of the playstation, Marty finally gave in to the fatigue.  Pillow and blanket soon followed.

The infusion actually went more quickly than I expected, and Marty was more alert than I anticipated.  That is, until we got in the car.  He crashed, and it was all Bella and I could do to get him to his bed when we got home.  On a happier note, their dad volunteered to take Marty to his infusions so I don’t have to take off work.  He is usually off one weekday every week, so I was glad to take him up on the offer.

Yesterday, the kids spent the day at my sister Irene’s house, and swam several times.  By the time I picked them up, Marty was spent.  His feet hurt when we got home, and I reminded him that the steroid pulse he got on Monday was wearing off.  Today he seemed to be OK after his meds kicked in, and I dropped them off at Irene’s for another day of swimming.

So far the Remicade seems to be working, but then Enbrel started off the same way.  We will know more in a couple weeks, after his second infusion.  Here’s hoping the Remicade doesn’t disappoint.


About juvenilearthritis

A single mom raising a son with juvenile arthritis and a daughter with a big heart.
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