Juvenile Arthritis at the dentist

Today I made dental appointments for the kids tomorrow.  Then I remembered when you get your teeth cleaned sometimes your gums bleed.  For most people that’s a “meh.”  For a kid with systemic juvenile arthritis, it’s a big deal.  Apparently there is some sort of direct path from the gums to the heart, and any virus or other bad stuff that might enter through the gums can cause infection and inflammation in the lining around the heart. Pericarditis.

Marty’s history of pericardial effusion, combined with medicines that suppress his immune system, means we have to take precautions if he has any kind of procedure that could allow bacteria, germs, or whatever, into his blood stream.  When he had the surgery on his toe this summer, he had to have extra steroids for three days, and massive antibiotics before the surgery.

After a brief moment of panic, I called Dr. F to see about getting antibiotics and extra prednisone.  Then I told Marty to go ahead and take an extra dose of prednisone.  Now I’m waiting for a call to either tell me the script has been sent to the pharmacy, or to ask exactly what medicines he’s supposed to have.  My contingency plan is to find old antibiotics that someone didn’t finish last time they were sick (I know, we shouldn’t have any) and call the rheumatologist next week for more prednisone.

Just one more fun thing about having a kid with arthritis…


About juvenilearthritis

A single mom raising a son with juvenile arthritis and a daughter with a big heart.
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