Thankful for little things

I was shocked, as was all of America, by the tragic events last week in Aurora, Colorado. While I can’t pretend to understand how it is to be touched by such senseless violence, it does cause me to stop and reevaluate my situation.  Having cousins that live in Aurora, my first thought was whether they were safe.  Once that fear was relieved, my next thoughts were for the victims, survivors, family, and friends of those involved. Then the bittersweet realization that my own nephew was in a different movie theater in a different state watching that same movie at the same time.

As reports of both miracles and tragedies fill the news, I am reminded of my own children, and am immediately thankful for God’s protection and guidance in our lives.  In spite of Marty’s illness and my father’s recent passing, I am aware of how God provides for us every day.  Whether it is an unexpected check in the mail, a well-timed call from a friend, a word of encouragement on Facebook, good lab results, or something as simple as Marty having a pain-free day, I see the hand of God moving in our lives.

I am also thankful that, in spite of our challenges, I have two happy, (almost) healthy children.  Their health issues are not life-threatening (at the moment), and they are physically able to do pretty much anything they want to do.  As I learned today of the death of another child with systemic-onset juvenile arthritis, I said a prayer of thanks that Marty is doing so well. I am also grateful that my mother is alive and doing as well as can be expected for someone in her 80’s, and that there aren’t any other serious illnesses in my family.

Yes, we still deal with infusions, injections, pills, lab draws, and all the other things that go along with a chronic illness and a physical condition like Bella’s vertigo.  Those things aren’t going away any time soon.  But I am hopeful that we can get Marty into medicated remission soon, and someday there may be a cure for autoimmune arthritis.

Until that cure is discovered, I hug my children every day and thank God for his hand in our lives. And call my mother occasionally.


About juvenilearthritis

A single mom raising a son with juvenile arthritis and a daughter with a big heart.
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