About us

Who are we? I am Anna, a single mom with ADD and major depressive disorder, raising two kids in Texas. My son, Marty, has juvenile arthritis, ADHD, migraines, and a learning disability. My daughter, Bella, has anxiety, vertigo, and hypermobility.

Why are we here? First, I want to let people know that yes, kids do get arthritis, and yes, it can be very serious.  If Marty’s first symptoms had been different, or we hadn’t lived so close to excellent medical care, it might have taken months or even years to figure out what was wrong.  If we hadn’t been able to get powerful biologic medicines, he may have not made it out of ICU when the inflammation struck his heart.

I also want to share our adventures (otherwise known as challenges) so maybe someone else will recognize themselves in our lives. Hopefully we can help each other cope with the daily struggles. If not, maybe something I say will help you become just a little more understanding of the trials and tribulations of a single mom with mental issues raising two kids, one with a severe chronic illness.

Oh, and our names have been changed, so if you think you know me, please don’t rat me out. 🙂


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