My own private circus

I am in the middle of two very busy weeks. Both kids saw Dr F on Monday. Bella got her chicken pox vaccine and Marty had his sports physical for ::gulp:: high school baseball. Tuesday was Marty’s infusion, yesterday Bella had orientation for 8th grade, then volleyball practice. Today was Marty’s freshman orientation and a meeting with his asst. principal.

Tomorrow Bella, Irene and I go see about the guitar that Irene promised Bella for her birthday, then Bella has two volleyball games. Sunday my brother Wayne and his family are coming through town as their oldest son is moving to south Texas. Monday Bella goes to the dentist, Wednesday the kids go to a baseball game with their dad. Thursday is volleyball practice, Friday is a follow up with Dr F. Next Saturday are the last 2 volleyball games, then school starts that next Monday (the 27th). Then infusion the 28th. Oh and I’m hoping to get Bella’s MRI scheduled for before school starts.

Whew! Is it any wonder I’m tired and the house is a mess?

Wayne, Irene and I and several of our kids will have supper together Sunday. It should be fun, especially since the last time we were together was at dad’s funeral in June. The 3 of us did a lot of the leg work getting ready for the funeral, and I learned just how much there was to do. My brother Roy and sisters Marie and Faith had spent lots of time with dad before he passed. He was sick for 8-9 months and required lots of care, treatments, decisions and comfort. It’s no wonder everyone agreed that it was time to let him go the last time he got worse.

I have homework. I need to email all Marty’s teachers about his planned medical absences, and the baseball coach about him being in the wrong gym class. Marty has an infusion the second day of school, and the last thing I want is him getting behind the first week. We made a plan for him making up “seat time,” since it is almost certain he will fall below the 90% state minimum attendance line. The A P is going to check with the 504/special ed coordinator about his new diagnosis, and I’m guessing we’ll have a 504 meeting soon to make more accommodations for the processing and memory issues.

Who said life with kids was simple? Add the extra complication of a chronic illness, it’s just a barrel of monkeys. After all, my name is Anna Banana.

About juvenilearthritis

A single mom raising a son with juvenile arthritis and a daughter with a big heart.
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1 Response to My own private circus

  1. 5kidswdisabilities says:

    I work with a child who has juvenile arthritis and it has affected her vision. I have empathy for you.

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